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Poornima Vinoo

Poornima Vinoo is an assistant professor in the marketing department at the Indian School of Business. Her research interests follow two streams: financial decision making and disposal behaviour, with the overarching goal of improving consumer wellbeing. In her work so far, she has looked at how consumers make decisions to invest money for their retirement, how they decide to donate to worthy causes, and why they may choose moral rewards over financial rewards. Poornima has a PhD from Western University, an MBA from the Indian School of Business, India, a post graduate diploma from the Xavier Institute of Communications, India, and a BA from Osmania University, India. An experienced industry professional, she has worked for over 10 years across start-ups and business conglomerates in multiple industries and roles.

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  • Vinoo, Poornima., Isaac, Mathew. (2023) "Bracing for the Sting of Disposal: Product Purgatories Encourage Mental Simulation of the Disposal Process", Journal of Consumer Psychology , 33 (3), 575–82.

  • Jensen, Lynden., Patryluk, Carolina., Vinoo, Poornima., Campbell, Lorne. (2022) "How Dark Personalities Gain Workplace Influence: A Replication and Extension", Personality and Individual Differences , 190.

  • Sepehri, Amir., Duclos, Rod., Kristofferson, Kirk., Vinoo, Poornima., Elahi, Hamid. (2021) "The Power of Indirect Appeals in Peer‐to‐Peer Fundraising: Why “S/He” Can Raise More Money for Me Than “I” Can For Myself", Journal of Consumer Psychology , 31 (3), 612-620.

  • Vinoo, Poornima., Ly, Kim., Soman, Dilip. (2016) "Chapter 32. The Role of Self-Regulation in Financial Wellbeing", Guilford Press (Third edition), 591-605


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