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Financial Fitness Evaluator

The Financial Fitness Evaluator is a tool designed by the National Payroll Institute based on authoritative research completed by members of the Canadian Financial Wellness Lab.

Since 2009, the National Payroll Institute has collected more than 35,000 survey submissions to their annual survey of employed Canadians on the topic of personal finance. The Financial Fitness Evaluator is built on the results obtained from those surveyed.

Results and parameters of the study are largely presented by Adam Metzler, Chuck Grace, and Yuhao Zhou in “Learning about financial health in Canada” in the June 2021 edition of the journal Quantitative Finance and Economics.


Are you financially stressed, coping, or comfortable?

Understanding your financial wellness can help inform your decisions and underlying stressors and provide a path to a financially comfortable situation.

Financial wellness is complex, complete the survey to learn what factors may be influencing your situation.

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