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Leon Feng

Leon currently serves as a data engineer at the Financial Wellness Lab, bringing over 5 years of experience in financial big data analytics to the team. With a Bachelor's degree in Statistics and a Master's in Applied Mathematics, his expertise lies in dissecting customer behavior and constructing behavioral models through advanced machine learning techniques. Leon's proficiency in data visualization translates complex data into comprehensible insights, aiding industrial partners in devising robust modeling solutions. Additionally, he plays a crucial role in managing the Lab's databases, showcasing his adept database management skills.


He's not just about numbers, though; Leon is also a dedicated sports enthusiast. In his free time, you'll find Leon engaged in a variety of sports like tennis, soccer, baseball, and softball. He's especially passionate about snowboarding and coaches the sport, loving both the thrill of the ride and the joy of teaching others. Leon believes in building strong connections, both professionally and personally. His approach to life, much like his work, is driven by a deep passion and steadfast determination.

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Areas of Interest

Predictive Analytics, Financial Behavioral Analysis, Time-series Data Clustering, Consumer Habit Modelling.


  1. Know Your Clients' behaviours: a cluster analysis of financial transactions, JRJ Thompson, L Feng, RM Reesor, C Grace, Journal of Risk and Financial Management 14 (2), 50
    Publication date: 2021/1/25

  2. Measuring the gap between elicited and revealed risk for investors: An empirical study, JRJ Thompson, L Feng, RM Reesor, C Grace, A Metzler, Financial Planning Review 5 (4), e1151
    Publication date: 2022/12

  3. The Impact of Saving on Financial Resilience: Keep It Simple, C. Grace, A. Metzler, Y. Miao, L. Feng, and A. Fazelli, Financial Services Review 32 (2), 1-28. Link:
    Publication date: 2024/06​


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