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Alireza Fazeli

Alireza Fazeli is an experienced data scientist and researcher. Alireza enjoys deriving insights from data to foster a bias-free decision-making culture. Prior to joining the Lab he was a data scientist at Scotiabank and machine learning lecturer in Western's data science program. As a computational physicist, he studies multiphysics problems using computer simulations at scale that require heterogeneous computing. His experience with various computer technologies, in both industry and academic setups, has given him a high level of digital literacy and technical dexterity.

Outside his work, Alireza enjoys reading physics books, listening to the Making Sense podcast, and playing Winter sports. He is a certified ski/snowboard instructor and coach, collaborating with the local ski clubs.

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Areas of Interest

Data Science; Machine Learning; Multiphysics Simulation; Data Engineering.



Email address:

Phone number: 519-661-2111 x

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